LW-MH001 Telecom Pit - Fiber Optic Cabling Management

LW-MH001 Telecom Pit

LW-ICC-168 Indoor MDU
LW-MH220A Assemble SMC Manhole

As a new development made of high-strength composite material, Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Access is an ideal solution for Telecommunication industries on high traffic road conditions.

This Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Access is made up of 4 composite panels and assembled into one piece, which allows easier packing and transportation, comparing to the traditional chamber, LW-BOXTM saves 50% of the shipping cost. Vertical and horizontal strength beams enable the manhole to conform to SCTE TIRE22, EN14802 for Chamber.


This manhole is of an EN124 D400, AASHTO H-25 proof loading manhole cover, lightweight and suitable for heavy road traffic. The cover is equipped with an anti-theft screw of a special pattern to protect the inside equipment’s safety. One another advantage of composite cover is the free transferring of the signal inside of the chamber without opening the lid.


Manhole Cover Load CapacityEN124 D400/AASHTO H25/SCTE TIRE22
Detail size and specifications

Surface Diameter450×781 mm
Cover Diameter734x403x564 mm
Installation Size873×578 mm
Cover Thickness54 mm
Height613 mm
Weight (both chamber & lid )93.6 kg (60.4kg+33.2kg)


1, 4 panels are assembled with screws together, a knock-down design makes it easy for transportation and saves 50% of the cost.

2, Strengthened vertical and horizontal beam makes the total chamber 50% stronger than normal HDPE material, the “cross” design increase installation efficiency when improving overall body weight carrying load capacity versus concrete, polymer concrete, and other body materials.

3, Rubber sealing between panels make the chamber watertight.