LW-MH220A Assemble SMC Manhole - Fiber Optic Cabling Management

LW-MH220A Assemble SMC Manhole

LW-MH001 Telecom Pit
LW-MH320A Plastic Manhole



Linkwell Assemble SMC Manhole is used for underground cable junction and connection, or for installation of a telecommunication device, and following maintenance.

Linkwell Assemble SMC Manhole is made of Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) material with high material strength and climate-stability performance, while the

total weight is 1/10 of traditional concrete material. By reducing the installation time, fewer people and equipment required, the total EPC cost will be reduced.


Linkwell Manhole uses a unique “Knock-Down” design, which means knockdown into panels while delivering and assemble at the destination, the shipping space will be 1/4 of traditional prefabricated manhole – it means total shipping & logiest will be reduced 3/4. A pre-drilled SMC panel already preserved at each side of the manhole

can be easily knock out for any requirement during cabling. It saves the time and cost to drill holes at the site.

?Surface Diameter500×500 mm
Cover Diameter450x450x450 mm
Installation Size545×545 mm
Cover Thickness25 mm
Height455×455 mm
TOTAL WEIGHTAssemble weight 25.2 (panel 4kg + cover 10kg + bottom)

plate 3.2kg)

  1. Assemble part light, panel per 4kg,easy to install
  2. Knock-down package and assemble at the site, save transportation cost
  3. Comparing to precast concrete or brick-manhole, installation time is much shorter, only one-day.
  4. Corrosion resistance and low water absorption rate( less than 0.5%)
  5. High and low-temperature application(-80℃ – 150℃)
  6. Non-conductive

Per each same panel packed into a pallet with strip fastened, and finally overwrapped with PVC film. Linkwell will calculate all necessary and accurate panels required just for full manholes. Per pallet allowed forklift operated. (20’’ FCL LOADING QTY: 450 FULL SETS)