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Splicing Closure-1: Dome or In-lINE or others?

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Fiber splice closures are used throughout the network, including the fiber trunk, feeder, distribution, and last mile segments. When splicing fiber in the outside plant, your closures need to be: 1, Easily accessible for maintenance, changes, and expansion 2, Protected against water ingress and harsh conditions 3. Suitable for a variety of applications and environments including aerial, pedestal, buried, or underground 4, Compatible with existing cable types。 Thus, it is vital to figure out the cable compatibility before selecting the right closure type. When we talke about Closure, the first thing is to understand. In-Line or Dome. To make it clear, please check the belowing graph. (Which is Quoted from Sumitomo). But as you may know, Some closures are neither like Dome Or In-Line, Like 3M BPEO. This Kind of splicing closures is quite unique, so we are not able to treat them as splicing closure. We will talk about this Neither-Dome-or-Inline Closure in next post.

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