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AirPON: Mobile Operators Can Use Their Sites For FTTH Installation.


Transforming from a mobile operator into a full-service operator requires FTTH network construction. However, to do so also needs the deployment of centralized OLTs in the aggregation equipment room and long-distance ODN networks – 3 to 5 km – to cover home broadband users. In addition to high investment in the initial phase,

Lower TCO due to a shorter ODN distance: A traditional ODN covers 5 km, which AirPON reduces to between 1 km and 500 m. Requiring far fewer optical cables and cores, the acquisition is simplified and network construction is more efficient. The solution improves the deployment efficiency of workers and reduces deployment complexity, solving the problems of high costs and long construction times and cutting Total Costs by 30 percent.

Zero site acquisition and reused mobile sites, fiber, and power supply: Traditionally, OLTs must be installed in the CO, which requires 10 people and six months for CO site preparation. However, It shares sites with mobile base stations and reuses backhaul networks and power supply for fast deployment in just one day by two people.

Zero fiber splicing and E2E pre-connection: Traditionally, aerial optical cable deployment requires three rounds of aerial construction, while FAT-based installation takes a series of 10 steps. Moreover, fiber splicing is difficult and requires dedicated tools. However, pre-connects all cables between an OLT and users without the need for fiber splicing. FAT-based installation takes only three parallel steps.

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