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CyberLNK Aerial Closure (CLNK Series)

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The new CyberLNK® ILNK is the LNK series’s first multi-purposed mini aerial closure system focused to support the drop distribution network without the need for specialized drop cable assemblies. The closure features a unique dual chamber design with independent access to the splice/slack storage chamber and to the drop connection chamber. The adapter cover system expedites access for 32F drop installation at maximum and the fasteners secure the splice chamber cover to restrict access after initial installation. Inside the closure is a large slack storage area and splice tray system which supports single fusion, mass fusion, mechanical splice protectors, or splitter technology. The ability to support standard drop cables, application flexibility, rugged construction, and ease of use are just a few reasons to consider the new CyberLNK ILNK for your OSP fiber network.

Key Features:
  • Flexible grommet sealing system supports a wide range of flat or round cable profiles
  • Factory-installed sealing materials
  • Reenterable and reuseable
  • Dual cover design allows independent access to each closure chamber
  • Designed to GR-771 generic requirements for fiber splice closures
  • Constructed with flame retardant UV stabilized material

Main Picture

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Application & Options: :

TWO Chamber Options:

Upper Chamber

Option 1: 16 SC adaptor Patching

Model: CLNK-DP16

Option 2: 24 SC adaptor Patching

Model: CLNK-DP24

Option 3: 12F direct Splice for 2×3 Drop Cable

Model: CLNK-DS12

Below Chamber (Option 1,2,3 are the same)


ONE Chamber Options ( Option 4 & Option 5)

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Option 4:

1. support max 16pcs InstaLNK adaptor (or HW type pre-connected connector)

2. Can load 2 pcs of 1×8 splitter or 1 pcs 1×16 splitter.

3. support 2 splice trays, 48F splice ability.

Model: CLNK-PP16

双搭设计 23BB04652C000013D4201AB4261D1028
Option 5: Used as in-line closure. Max 4 pcs of big splice trays, 24F splices per Tray, total 96F.

Model: CLNK-FOSC96

Size Information:



Number of Ports: Main Cable6 ports (base part)
Drop Cable16 ports for each side(two-chamber options).
Cable Diameter:5-15mm
Max patching capacity16 for CLNK-DP16; 24F for CLNK-DP24
Max Splice Capacity96F for CLNK-96F; 24F for two-chamber options( CLNK-DP16&24; CLNK-DS12)
IP RateIP65
IK RateIK10
MaterialPC+ABS thermal Plastic
Mounting MethodIn-wire, Pole Mounting, Wall Mounting
Size306*186*107mm ( two-chamber options)

306*186* 8?? mm ( CLNK-FOSC96)

306* *…mm ( CLNK-PP16, without fiber guider accessory)

Net weight1kg
Gross Weight1.2kg
Package Information:??? *???*??? mm/ pcs ; ? pcs/carton.

Ordering Information:


LW-CLNK--XX-XX--XXGrommet Choice
Application OptionsSplice ChamberPatch chamber




Direct splice

(with spliter distribution)

Plug & play PP16
splice closure 96FFOSC96