LW-FAT-48A Indoor MDU Fibre Access Terminal - 48 Fibers MDU Box

LW-FAT-48A Indoor MDU Fibre Access Terminal

LW-FAT-16F Fiber Access Terminal -16 Fibers
LW-FAT-5B Fiber Access Terminal FAT – 5 Fibers
LW-FAT-48A is an indoor optical terminal box that used in single-mode optical fibre networks for FTTH. It implements the connection between the feeder network of the service operators and the (vertical) distribution network within the building. The LW-FAT-48Aallows sharing with other two carriers the distribution and dispersion networks installed by the first carrier.


The LW-FAT-48A divides into two areas: The left area is for cable fibers splicing, storing and splitting. The right area is for connection of patch cords. Each area has an independent door, which can be locked by a triangular key.
1. Tray support2. Cable ring3. Cable fixing unit
4. Splitter holder (Optional)5. Cable storage element6. Adapter panel
7. Right door8. Splicing tray9. Left door


LW-FAT-48A is a cuboid box with modular design. It can be stacked together to use. Usually the upmost one is for building network. The followed ones are for operator network. The top and bottom cover at the right area of each box can be disassembled to laying cords between different boxes.

Suitable for Splitter

Pigtail LenthIn: 500 mm

Out: 2500 mm

Dimension (H*W*D)10*100*45mm
Fiber Diameter2mm



Max. Capacity48 fibers (For one)
In/Outlet Cable Number3 pcs
Cable TypeSupports importing of max Ф16 mm feeder cables,

Ф7.6 mm vertical cables, and Ф5.0 mm drop cables

Splicing Trays96

(8 cores in one layer and 16 cores in a double layer, maximum, 6 trays)

Splitter Capacity3 pieces (Maximum)
Protection GradeIP50
Installation MethodWall mounting
Working EnvironmentIndoor
Net Weight3.5kg
Gross Weight4 KG


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