288 Fibers Outdoor Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet (FDC)
288 Fibers FTTH Splitter Cabinet with 36pcs of 1×8 Plastic Box PLC Splitter
288 Fibers FTTH Splitter Cabinet – Type B
360 Fibers FTTH Street Cabinet
360 or 384 Fibers FTTH Street Cabinet

288 Fibers Outdoor Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet (FDC)



The Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet (FDC), also known as FDC, is designed specifically for the cross-connection of fiber optic feeder cables and distribution cables in Fiber the Home (FTTH) networks. It is also used as a protective enclosure for optical fiber splitters in Passive Optical Networks (PON).

The outdoor telecom cabinet is responsible for securing, reserving, and distributing fiber cables, as well as performing fiber splicing, termination, and patching.

The Cabinet is highly reliable in terms of sealing, providing excellent waterproof and dustproof capabilities. Additionally, the housing of the FDC can be customized to accommodate 19-inch rack-mount telecommunication equipment for FTTX applications.



  • Expertise: With a team of highly skilled technical professionals and cutting-edge production/testing equipment, we guarantee that our products consistently deliver outstanding performance.
  • Standardization: We rigorously adhere to industry standards and actively engage in the revision of industry specifications.
  • Innovation: Based on customer feedback and requirements, we consistently enhance our product offerings, such as the 12-fiber Splice and Distribution Integrated Trays, as well as outdoor cross-connect cabinets, through innovative advancements.
  • User-Friendly: We prioritize user-friendly management and operation in the design of our products, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail. The corners of the cabinet are crafted using an arc molding technique and finished with an electrostatic spray coating to achieve a smooth and polished appearance.
  • Systemization: We offer a diverse range of products to cater to different application needs. Our product line includes various capacities to ensure we meet the requirements of our customers. In addition to that, we also provide optical accessories like patch cords, pigtails, adapters, and splitters specifically designed for outdoor cross-connect cabinets. Moreover, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions that cover installation, splicing, and testing processes.
  • Modular Design: The Splice and Distribution Integrated Trays and splitter trays, which consist of 12 fibers, have been designed with the intention of facilitating installation and maintenance. These trays are modular, enabling flexible configurations. The interchangeable models of components contribute to shorter delivery times, cost reduction, and simplified installation and maintenance procedures.



Housing MaterialSMC
Splice and Distribution Tray Capacity12 pieces of SC, FC, or ST adaptors (12 fibers);

12 pieces of duplex LC adaptors (24 fibers);

Splice and Distribution Tray Quantity24 pieces max.
Applicable AdaptorSC, FC (duplex LC or ST is optional)
Adaptor Quantity288 pieces max.
Direct Splice Capacity144 fibers, 12 fibers/tray (can be specified)
Installation MethodFloor standing (wall/pole mount is optional)
Applicable Environmentoutdoor
Protection GradeIP65
Net Weight80kgs
Dimension (H×W×D)Cabinet: 1100×750×320mm; base: 350×750×320mm


Technical Parameters:

Fiber Bending Radius>37.5mm (protective tubes are furnished for fibers passing through metallic holes.)
Cable Bending Radius>15 times of cable diameter
Nominal Working Wavelength850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm
Insertion Loss≤0.2dB
Return Loss≥45dB (PC), ≥50dB (UPC), ≥60dB (APC)
Durability>1,000 times
Insulation Resistance≥1,000MΩ/500V(DC)
Voltage Resistance≥3,000V(DC), 1 min no puncture, no arc-over
Vertical Pressure>980N
Atmospheric Pressure70~106KPa
Relative Humidity≤95% (+40°C)
Operating Temperature-40°C~+60°C
Storage Temperature-40°C~+60°C


Ordering information: LW-OCC-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX:

XX: Fiber Capacity288: 288 fibers
XX: AdapterNone: without adapter







XX: PigtailNone: without pigtail

9: 0.9mm

D: 0.9mm distribution cable

R: ribbon

XX: SplitterW: with splitter

None: without splitter

XX: Installation MethodNone: floor standing

W: wall mounting

P: pole mounting

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