Dome Type 4 Port Heat Shrinkable FOSC(96A) - Fiber Optic Cabling Management

Dome Type 4 Port Heat Shrinkable FOSC(96A)

Dome Type 4 Port Heat Shrinkable FOSC(48A)
Dome Type 4 Port Heat Shrinkable FOSC(96D)


Dome Type 4 Port Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Heat Shrinkable FOSC, LW-FOSC-DH-96A-4

Dome Type 4 Port Fiber Optic Splice ClosureDome Type 4 Port Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Dome Type 4 Port Fiber Optic Splice Closure

1 Oval Port and 3 round Ports

Dome Type 4 Port Fiber Optic Splice Closure

24 cores/tray, 12 Slots/tray, 2cores/Slot (Maximum)


Fiber Optic Splice Closure(FOSC) is one essential part of the fiber-optic network. In brief, Closure is used to protect fiber splicing, store slack cables, distribute cables, etc. FOSC can be installed in aerial, pole, wall, duct mounting, and directly buried.

According to the appearance of FOSC, there is an inline type (horizontal FOSC) and dome type (vertical FOSC).

For Application, there are standard FOSC (Splicing Only) and Splitter FOSC (Mainly for Accessing networks).

LW-FOSC-DH100-4 Dome Type 4 Port Heat Shrinkable Fiber Optic Splice Closure (FOSC) is heat shrinkable sealing and suitable for uncut cables.


  • Easy access to installation, maintenance, and future expansions.
  • Excellent sealing against water ingress and harsh environment
  • Hinged splice trays for easy expansion without disturbing spliced fibers.
  • Compatible with standard normal fiber cable types


TypeDome type
Sealing StructureHeat shrinkable
Number of Inlet/Outlet ports4 ports
Cable Diameter3 ports×16mm, 1 port×25mm
Maximum CapacityBunchy: 96 fibers;

Ribbon: 144 fibers

Capacity per Splice TrayBunchy: single layer: 12 fibers; dual layers: 24 fibers;

Ribbon: 6pcs

Quantity of Splice Tray4pcs
Body MaterialPC
Sealing MaterialThermoplastic rubber
Assembling methodAerial, direct buried, pipelined, wall mounting, manhole
Net Weight2.3~2.5KG

Dome Type 4 Port Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Main Components:
1Housing (Cover)To protect splices of fiber optic cables1pc
2Splice TrayTo fix Fiber Splice Protective SleevesMax. 4pcs
3Fiber Holding TrayTo store loose tube fibers1pc
4Housing (Base)To fix the internal and external structure1pc
5Plastic HoopTo fix Housing Cover and Base1pc
6Sealing GrommetTo seal Cover and Base1 set


Standard Accessories:
7Heat Shrinkable Protective Tubes and Branching ClipTo seal fiber optic splice closureAs per capacity
8Fiber Splice Protective SleevesTo protect fiber splicesSame as capacity
9Nylon TieTo fix buffer tubes with fibers inside8pcs
10Grounding WireTo connect with a grounding device1pc
11Abrasive ClothTo polish fiber optic cable1pc
12Labelling PaperTo label fibers1 set
13M10 WrenchTo screw nuts for strength member1pc
14Hanging HoopTo install on wall and pole1 set
15Heat Shrinkable Fixing Tube (Mass)To seal fiber cablesoptional
16Aluminum-foil PaperTo protect cable ports when heated1pc
17User ManualTo instruct installation1pc

Dome Type 4 Port Fiber Optic Splice Closure


Optional Accessories:
1ValveTo perform pressure and sealing testing1pc
2Grounding DeviceTo derive metallic components of fiber cable1 set
3Buffer TubeTo protect fibers and be fixed on splice traysspecified
4DesiccantTo desiccate air in FOSC after sealing1 bag


Ordering Information:
NameFOSC: Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Shape and SealingDH: Dome type heat shrinkable sealing
Cable Port4=4 Ports
Fiber Optic Splice Tray12: 12-core

24: 24-core

Number of Splice Trays1: 1 tray

2: 2 trays

3: 3 trays

4: 4 trays

ValveV: Valve included
Grounding DeviceG: Grounding device included

For example:  LW-FOSC-DH100-4-121-VG