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LW-FAFC-P7-FA/FC FC Field Assembly Fast Connector

The Fiber Optic Field Assembly Fast Connector, also known as a Quick Connector, is a key component in fiber optic networks, particularly in Field-Terminated networks and FTTH connections.
The FC Field Assembly Fast Connector is designed for easy and fast setup, usually in less than 2 minutes. It only needs basic fiber preparation tools and a small space, making it very user-friendly. The installation process involves stripping the buffer, cleaving and cleaning the fiber, and then inserting the fixed-length fiber through the connector’s ferrule.
The connectors have a pre-polished ferrule (UPC/APC) that connects to the fiber being terminated with precise alignment. This ensures low loss by using a proprietary refractive index matching gel. They offer high optical performance and use proven v-groove technologies.
Quick Connectors are great for field technicians of all experience levels.

fast connector-FAFC-P7-1fast connector-FAFC-P7-2


Installation Charm:

For the pre-embedded fiber type field assembly optical connector, the fiber connects with the pre-embedded fiber by index-matching gel. (Figure 1)

Field Assembly Charm

Figure 1: Field Assembly Charm



  1. Low insertion loss and high return loss
  2. High reliability, and save maintenance cost
  3. Pre-embedded fiber is polished in high-quality
  4. Can be reusable with easy disassembly and assembly
  5. Can work stably in harsh environments, like severe coldness and dust, high temperature, high humidity, etc
  6. Few special installation tools are required, installation is simple and fast, with less than 20 seconds on average; low technical requirements for the operators



  1. Telecommunication networks
  2. FTTX, FTTH (Fiber to the Home)
  3. Fiber testing and testing equipment
  4. FTTH Drop Cable, 86 socket outlet, and ONU



Applicable Cable2.0*3.0mm drop cable
Fiber Diameter125um
Coating Diameter250um
Fiber Modesingle-mode or multi-mode
Insertion Loss≤0.3dB (max. 0.5dB)
Return LossPC≥50dB; APC≥55dB
Tensile Strength≥30N
Working EnvironmentRelative Humidity≤95% (@±30C)
Atmospheric Pressure60kpa~160kpa
Operating Temperature-40°C~+85°C
Storage Temperature-40°C~+85°C


Ordering Information:

LW-FAFC-P7-FCField Assembly Optical ConnectorFC/UPC, pre-embedded fiber type, for 2.0*3.0mm drop cable
LW-FAFC-P7-FAField Assembly Optical ConnectorFC/APC, pre-embedded fiber type, for 2.0*3.0mm drop cable


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