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Micro-optical Fiber Cable-5G Base Station

Micro-optical Fiber CableMicro-optical Fiber Cable

Cable Structure:

Tight buffered fibers are surrounded with a layer of aramid yarns as the strength member. Then the LSZH sheath is extruded. The strength member can be made of other high-strength yarns and other sheath materials are available on request.

Technical Specification:

Fiber: Upto4,tight-buffered fiber

FiberTypes: Single-mode or multimode

CableTypes: Remote radio unit cable

StrengthMember: Aramid yarn

SheathOptions: Single LSZH sheath


Compliances: In accordance with IEC, ITU, and EIA standards


Excellent mechanical and environmental performance;

Small diameter, small bending radius, and light-weight;

Flame retardant outer sheath offering good protection;

UV and lighting resistance;

All-dielectric structure design, without electromagnetic Induction effect.


Specially designed for cabling in a base station;

Patch cord in communication equipment;

Indoor/outdoor horizontal and vertical cabling.


Fiber CountDimension


Tensile Strength




Min. Bending Radius


Cable Weight


Short TermLong TermShort TermLong TermDynamicStatic

Environmental Properties:

Temperature Range-40°C~+70°C

Transmission Properties:

Fiber TypeSM 9/125um


62.5um (OM1)


50um (OM2)


50um (OM3)


Maximum Attenuation (dB/km)0.4/0.33.5/1.53.5/1.53.5/1.5
Typical Attenuation (dB/km)0.36/0.223.0/1.03.0/1.03.0/1.0
Minimum LED Bandwidth (MHz·km)200/500500/5001500/500


Other fiber types are available upon request.

Ordering Information:

NameGYFJZY=Tight Buffred Micro optical Cable
Fiber Count2=2 fibers; 4=4 fibers;
Fiber ModeSM=SM 9/125um; MM=50/125um or 62.5/125um
Fiber Type2D=SM G.652.D; 5=SM G.655;

7A1=SM G.657.A1; 7A2=SM G.657.A2;

7B2=SM G.657.B2; 7B3=SM G.657.B3;

OM1=MM 62.5/125um; OM2=MM 50/125um;

OM3=MM 10G 50/125um 150m;

OM33=MM 10G 50/125um 300m;

OM4=MM 10G 50/125um 550m

Fiber Length0.5=0.5km; 1=1km; 1.5=1.5km; 2=2km; etc

For Example:

LW-GYFJZY-2-SM-2D-1Tight Buffered Micro-optical Cable, 2 fibers, single-mode G.652.D fiber, PE jacket, 1km