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LW-FAFC-P1/P2-SA/SC  SC Field Assembly Fast Connector

The SC Field Assembly Fast Connector is a very important part of the FTTH access network. It allows for easy and quick termination of optical fibers without the need for complicated processes like epoxy or polishing. It is designed for field installations where time and cost efficiency are important.

The fast connector consists of three main parts: a ferrule, a mechanical splice, and a connector body. The ferrule holds the fiber securely, while the mechanical splice aligns and joins the fiber ends. The connector body provides protection and stability to the connection.

One of the main advantages of this connector is its simplicity. It doesn’t require specialized tools or training, so it can be used by both experienced technicians and beginners. The installation process involves stripping the fiber, cleaning it, and inserting it into the connector. The connector is then secured by tightening a nut or using a crimping tool.

Another advantage is its versatility. It can be used with different types of fiber optic cables, including single-mode and multimode fibers. It is also compatible with different connector types like SC, LC, and ST.

fast connector FAFC-P1-SC


fast connector FAFC-P2-SC


fast connector FAFC-P1-SA


fast connector FAFC-P2-SA


fast connector FAFC-P1fast connector FAFC-P2



Applicable Cable2.0*3.0mm
Fiber Diameter125um
Coating Diameter250um
Fiber Modesingle mode
Insertion LossPC: ≤0.2dB (max. 0.4dB); APC: ≤0.2dB (max. 0.4dB)
Return LossPC: ≥40dB (typical ≥45dB); APC: ≥50dB (typical ≥55dB)
Pull Test<0.2dB, 4N load (0.125 fiber);

<0.2dB, 40N load (2.0*3.0mm, 3.0mm)

Impact Test<0.2dB, Typical 0.1 dB1.5m, 10 repetitions
Durability Test<0.1dB, 1000 repetitions of connecting/disconnecting
Vibrate Test<0.2dB, 3 axes 2hr/axis, 1.5mm (peak-peak), 10 to 55Hz (45Hz/min)
Thermal Cycle Test<0.2dB, -40C~+75C, 21 cycles for 168 hours (3.0mm cable)
Humidity Test<0.2dB, 90 to 95%, Temp75C for 168hrs
Operating Temperature-40C~+85C


Ordering Information:

LW-FAFC-P1-SCSC Field Assembly Fast ConnectorSC/UPC, pre-embedded fiber type, Screw Type
LW-FAFC-P1-SASC Field Assembly Fast ConnectorSC/APC, pre-embedded fiber type, Screw Type
LW-FAFC-P2-SCSC Field Assembly Fast ConnectorSC/UPC, pre-embedded fiber type, Clip Type
LW-FAFC-P2-SASC Field Assembly Fast ConnectorSC/APC, pre-embedded fiber type, ClipType


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