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Fiber Cable Trays

Fiber Cable Trays PVC Trunking/Raceways

Fiber Cable Trays

Our Fiber Cable Tray System is a complete pathway solution designed for various settings such as data centers, businesses, central offices, and mobile switching centers. Its main function is to guide and safeguard fiber optic and high-grade copper wires as they connect to network cabinets, distribution frames, and other endpoint devices. The system comes with a wide range of channels, transition pieces, drops, and support structures, offering the adaptability to fit any installation environment. The best part is that all channel parts and transition fittings can be assembled without tools. This feature makes the Fiber Cable Tray System easy to install and maintain, ultimately saving you money in the long run.


PVC trunking/Raceways

As the name indicates these are made from a man-made plastic called Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC for short. Usually, in a place like a data center, you’ll find them in the white space areas. Their main job is to act as routes for fiber optic cables. People generally see these cable trays as the strongest and most efficient way to lay out fiber optic cables.


Key Features

  • Available in 5”, 10”, and 15” channel widths
  • Minimum 2” bend radius maintained throughout the system to prevent excessive cable bends that result in signal loss
  • All plastic parts reach the UL94-V0 level of flammability.
  • Tool-free design makes assembly and installation fast and easy.
  • Yellow color is standard, other nonstandard colors are available by request.



PVC Trunking Components

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