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What is a Fiber Distribution Cabinet?

Fiber Distribution Cabinets (also known as FTTH cabinets)  are devices for connecting feeder cables and distribution cables, to protect optical fiber splicing points, and distribute and schedule optical fiber routings.

In North America, it is called a fiber distribution hub (FDH), while it is called a street cabinet in Europe.

And in the Middle East, it has another name-optical distribution cabinet (ODC).

People may also call it a Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT) or an optical cross-connection cabinet (OCC).

Cross Connection Cabinet

288 Fibers Outdoor SMC Cabinet
Application: To Integrate fiber optic equipment for interfacing between distribution cables and feeder cables.
Function: To provide the splice and distribution space and be used as a junction box.

Fiber Splitting Cabinet

208 Fibers FTTH Splitter Cabinet with Insertion Module PLC Splitter
Application: To ensure a secure transition point from the passive optical network (PON) to the subscriber drop.
Function: To split the fiber signal and used as a fiber splitter hub

The FDC converts the distribution cable into individual cables, extending end-user connectivity.

For this purpose, The deployment of Fiber Distribution cabinets is nearly the same as fiber cable deployment, which is along the roadside or at the corner.

Sometimes, People also call them traffic lights of fiber cables.

FDC Location

FDC is located at the crossroads.

This is a FTTh turnkey Project from the Middle East.


FDC is located along the roadside.

This is a project from Africa.

  Fiber Optic Mastery: Your cabinet, a hub for fiber optic brilliance—splicing, distributing, terminating, and more, all in one place.

  Versatile Components: Tailor your Fiber Distribution Cabinet with splicing trays, splitter trays, and more for peak efficiency.

Tray Type-1

Splice and Distribution Integrated Tray - left outgoing
The Termination and Splicing Tray

Tray Type-2

2×16 Tray type PLC Splitter
The PLC Splitter Tray (In some applications)

Bypass Tray

FibrSplicing, Optical Splicing, Fusion Scplicing
The Bypass Splicing Tray

PLC Splitter

PLC Splitter
The Modular PLC Splitter (In some applications)

In the following posts, we will also discuss something more about Fiber Distribution Cabinet:

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